Frequently asked questions

Applying with Personal Loan Pal has no effect on your credit score. Our lenders conduct soft credit checks, unlike hard credit checks these do not effect your credit score but still give lenders enough credit info to make a decision.
Personal Loan Pal is a free service. We make money when you get a loan. We are completely unbiased with our offers and will only show offers that are best for our users interests and help build upon the great reputation of Personal Loan Pal.
Your SSN is required for our lending partners to conduct a soft credit check. A soft credit check doesn't effect your credit score but is a good enough of a gage for lenders to offer you pre-approved loan offers.
With Personal Loan Pal, you can view preapproved loan offers from the nations top personal loan companies. This can help you save time and money, we've helped our past users save thousands on the cost of their personal loans.